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Save TIME, MONEY and ENERGY while eliminating a fire hazard! Is your dryer taking way too long to dry your laundry? Before you call an appliance repair company, consider this: If your dryer is still getting hot, more likely than not, the problem is in your dryer’s vent system—otherwise known as the “dryer exhaust ducts”.

You’re busy enough as it is. Call HomeSafe Vent Cleaning TODAY! We provide professional duct & dryer vent cleaning service near Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano and surrounding areas.

We’ll help you spend less time doing laundry, so you can get back to doing what you want. (214) 681-9848

Problems caused by clogged dryer vents:

  • Slower drying times

  • Heat build up in dryer

  • Overheated dryer

  • Wasted energy

  • Fire hazards

A bit about us

HomeSafe Dryer Vent Specialists is a professional dryer vent company offering local dryer vent cleaning, dryer vent repairs, dryer vent reroutes, dryer vent installations and dryer vent improvement services in the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas. HomeSafe Dryer Vent Cleaning also offers a free, no-obligation inspection prior to any work being done. The inspection is thorough and includes quality "Before" photos and "Before" air-flow measurements--this helps the technician to understand better if there is an issue and if there is, what those issues are, so he knows how to best resolve those issues. Our goal is two fold:

  1. Help your dryer...
    1. Dry your laundry quicker. (If the dryer's exhaust duct is run properly and clean and clear of any type of blockage--it shouldn't take longer than 30-40 minutes to dryer any load of laundry).
    2. Last longer. (Cut down on costly and premature dryer repair services).
    3. Run safely. (Eliminating potential dryer fire hazards).
  2. Help you...
    1. Save time. (You have better things to do than waiting for your laundry to dry).
    2. Worry less. (Life is stressful enough; worrying about a dangerous dryer fire occurring shouldn't be on your list of things keeping you up at night).

How do you know if your dryer's exhaust duct or dryer vent needs a professional cleaning? Your dryer should be able to dry any load of laundry in 30-40 minutes. If the dryer heats but won't dry after a dry-cycle or the laundry still feels a bit damp after 30-40 minutes of drying--likely, there's an air-flow issue with the dryer's exhaust system. This is the most common tell-tale sign, but there are several others (i.e., your laundry room seems to get warm and humid while trying to dry laundry, the dryer gets really hot-to-the-touch, and/or condensation in dryer drum after a dry cycle...etc.). One symptom of a serious issue is that there doesn't ever seem to be any issues. If your home is eight years old or older, and you've never had the dryer vent professionally inspected or cleaned--there may be a hidden issue inside the wall, subflooring, the attic or crawl-space. It usually takes anywhere from 5-8 years for the lint building up on the walls of the dryer vent pipe to create a blockage significant enough to affect the efficiency of the dryer. So, if you've never had your dryer vent cleaned and your home is older than eight years old, you really need to have a professional dryer vent technician out to inspect and evaluate your dryer vent.

Most dryer duct cleaning services take about an hour and a half, from start to finish. The "start" should always involve a thorough inspection of the dryer vent system. This inspection should include checking the following:

  • Inside the dryer (the cavity where the lint screen sits and the inner exhaust duct).
  • The transition hose (the hose or duct that connects the dryer itself, usually behind the dryer, to the steel duct inside a wall in the laundry area.
  • Inside the dryer vent pipe (viewing from the initiation point, in the laundry room and the termination point, outside of the home/building).
  • The dryer vent termination point (typically on the roof, for a single-story home, and on a wall, between levels on a two-story home). Note: Often, this is where the majority of the issues are, so it's absolutely imperative that the technician access and inspect the dryer vent termination point!

How much does it cost? As dryer vent specialists, HomeSafe has been cleaning, repairing, improving and installing dryer vents since 2009 and we've helped hundreds-of-thousands of homeowners and businesses across North Texas. In all those years we've never seen two dryer vents that are exactly alike. Because dryer vents run so differently and because they can have a slew of different issues, it's difficult to give quotes over the phone. This is one of the reasons we offer a FREE, no-obligation, inspection prior to giving a quote or doing any actual dryer vent cleaning work. After the inspection the technician will go over all the details of the job, including showing you (the customer) all the "before" pictures he took throughout the inspection, any recommendations, the estimated time to complete the work and an exact quote, down to the penny. If you'd like for him to do the work, he'll be ready to do it right then (so you don't have to schedule another appointment) and will email an invoice, including all the "before" and "after" pictures upon completion of the dryer vent cleaning service.

Dryer not drying clothes completely? Likely, you don't need to call a dryer repair company; if your dryer is still heating during the dry cycle, the issue is more likely with your dryer's exhaust duct. Left unchecked the air-flow reduction will cause back-flow causing your dryer to overheat and blow a thermal fuse or heating element, then you'll need to get your dryer fixed by a washer dryer repair man. Save yourself some time, aggravation, and a not so cheap dryer repair by having HomeSafe Dryer Vent Cleaning come out to help solve the real issue. The initial inspection is FREE and there's no obligation. We're here to help your dryer work better, last longer and eliminate any potential risk of a dryer fire. We guarantee all of work, we're fully insured and we're always happy to help however and whenever we can.

Does my dryer vent need cleaning?

Is your dryer taking longer than 40 minutes to dry?

Clothes still hot & damp at the end of the first cycle?

Is your home more than 4 years old?

Dryer becomes excessively hot to the touch?

If any of these conditions are met, it is probably time for a dryer vent cleaning. Call us at (214) 681-9848.

Testimonials What people have to say

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did. I now can dry a load of jeans and towels in one cycle instead of two!!! It has made such a difference in drying time. Have a great day!
- Lynnette McCarter, Prosper, TX

Having one of your guys come out and clean our dryer vent was such a blessing. He was extremely professional and did a fantastic job. The task of doing laundry is so much easier now that my dryer is...
- Shanda Rodriguez, Fort Worth, TX

We are drying just fine now and I can't thank you enough for working us in on the same day we called. Although you discovered a critter in our vent, you didn't shy away from the job and I thank you...
- Carlene Cook, Euless, TX

Bob and I both agree that we were very pleased with our experience with HomeSafe Vent Cleaning. We were impressed with your professionalism and how quickly you took care of the problem. We will definitely...
- Cheron and Bob Koning, Glen Heights, TX

HomeSafe Vent Cleaning did a great job cleaning our dryer vent last night. I called them and they came out the same day, and in the evening so it worked with my schedule. They were friendly and took...
- Stacy Ponder, Plano, TX

Air Duct Cleaning Service - Arlington’s Guaranteed Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

  • Save dryer from drying failure
  • Cleaning saves on costly repairs
  • Vents clog restricting air flow
  • Duct exhaust system reroute
  • Free in home inspections
  • Other services available as needed
  • Wet lint sticking to dryer door
  • All residential properties serviced
  • A clean system is a healthy one
  • Severely lint clogged ducts can cause dryer fires
  • Vents go out the roof or wall
  • Before and after photos provided
  • Pipe repair if needed
  • Professional cleaning and repairs
  • Experienced Technician sent out
  • Work area returned to better than before appearance

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