A family owned and operated, professional Dryer Vent Cleaning company.

  • 2007-2009

    Our Humble Beginnings

    We wanted to do something that really helped people — something that really made a difference in peoples’ lives. Granted, cleaning dryer vents wasn’t what we had in mind, but surprisingly, what we do, and maybe even more — how we do it... does make a substantial difference.

  • 2009

    A Company is Born

    We started HomeSafe because we saw a legitimate problem — that almost everyone encounters — but we didn’t see much in the way of a viable solution. Many dryer repair companies were telling homeowners that they needed to have their dryer vent system cleaned, but most didn’t know of anyone they could confidently refer people to.

  • 2019

    10 Years of Service

    It’s been amazing meeting new people and providing a service that furnishes immediate, infallible value. We’re always thrilled when we get calls from our recent customers telling us how much they sincerely appreciate what we did for them. We’ve learned this: although what we do doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal to us - to most of our customers, it ends up being a “GREAT experience!”. Thank You to all our customers that have enabled us to be HomeSafe and Thank You to all our future customers who will allow us to continue helping people, for years & years to come.

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