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What is dryer vent cleaning?

First off, have you recently purchased a new dryer? Has it been connected to the dryer vent duct yet? Have you used it and had smoke billowing out of it?

As a new dryer it will actually billow a little smoke just because it is new. However, if it looks like it is a fire and about ready to burst into flames then there is a good chance that a dryer vent cleaning is in the near future.

Dryer vent cleaning is the process of removing the built up dryer lint from the inside of the dryer vent. This buildup actually restricts the airflow to point of choking it off and sending it back into the dryer where the dryer becomes super hot and can actually ignite the lint that has built up in the dryer itself.

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Are you experiencing a bad smell when drying clothes?

If there is a smell emanating from the dryer as your dry the clothes and smells bad there is a good possibility that there is some kind of animal that has either entered the dryer vent pipe from the outside or has made a nest of kind and might have perished due to the high temperature. Our dryer vent technicians can come by and see what the issue is and give some suggestions on how to go about resolving the bad smell.

Normally that will involve the technician removing the animal form the vent from the outside. Then once the animal is gone within a few days the smell should clear up.

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