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Dryer Vent-Cleaning | West Morningside

Dryer duct cleaning is one of the most neglected things we can do for our homes. We mow the grass, sweep the floors, clean the house from top to bottom, and clean the toilets. I guess the old adage out of sight out of mind is true. Since the only time we might ever see the dryer vent is when we either buy a new dryer or move into our house we never think of it all. It is just supposed to to work and work when we want it to. However, local dryer vent cleaning company should be called out on a by yearly basis to clean out the dryer duct and keep the vent working as it should.

Dryer Vent-Birds Nest Removal | West Morningside

Give em and inch and they will take a mile. Well that is birds. If there is a place that is warm and has a feeling of security the bird will nest there. The dryer vent is a excellent option for a bird family. It is hidden hard to get too by predators and when in operation warm for the eggs. Although, it might seem like a great place for a bird it can wreak all kinds of havoc on the dryer. While not likely to find a free bird removal from the dryer vent a dryer duct cleaning service can do a birds nest removal service to free up the dryer vent.

Dryer Vent-Repair and Reroute | West Morningside

As our homes age things begin to break apart or come loose. This can happen to our duct too. If during the inspection or the cleaning the technician notices that a section or the entire duct is need or repair he will suggest it to the client. In some cases it might need to be done to make the dryer vent exhaust system work as it needs to. HomeSafe Dryer Vent Cleaning can repair or install dryer vent ducts if the occasion calls for it.