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Is your dryer vent a ticking time bomb?

The dryer vent is one of the least thought about things in almost every home. As the dryer exhausts the hot moist air from the dryer out the dryer vent pipe to the outside lint also escapes with it. Due the fact that the lint is damp it begins to cling to the walls inside the dryer vent. Overtime after prolonged use the vent will become clogged with dryer lint to the point that it will no longer be able to transfer the air through the pipe to the outside of the home.

What is the solution?

Fortunately there is a solution to the neglect that we all seem to do on occasion regarding the dryer vent and that is periodic cleaning of the dryer vent. This dryer vent cleaning will help to ensure that the transfer of air is not blocked, leading to longer drying times and a the unlikely but scarey possibility of a dryer fire.

Dryer Vent-Birds Nest Removal | Worth Heights

Hearing chirps in the walls?

While lounging around the house or doing daily chores does it sound like there are bird chirps coming from inside the walls?

If you are hearing these sounds then there is a good chance that there is a bird’s nest somewhere inside the house. One of the most likely locations is the dryer vent. Bird’s choose this option because it is safe and can even help to keep the eggs warm so the parents can relax or maintain the nest without to much worry.

As dryer vent specialists we can come out and assess the situation and offer suggestions to best resolve the issue. .

Dryer Vent-Repair and Reroute | Worth Heights

There does arise at times issues with the dryer vent that are not because the dryer vent is clogged with too much dryer lint.

Sometimes it can be from a dryer vent failure that has cause the drying problem. The dryer vent can become dislocated, bent, or might be missing a length a two. In any case these issues can all be resolved.

Fixing dryer vent failures

As the technician is performing the free onsite inspection he might come across one or more of these issues with the pipe. On his truck he has all of the tools and equipment that he will need to fix any issue with a dryer vent failure.