Dryer Vent Services in Waxahachie

When you think of drying the clothes what comes to mind? Of course you think of the dryer and not really much else since all we do is toss in the wet clothes and hit the button. But, where does that air go when the dryer dries the clothes. It does not go into the house so where does it go. The dryer has it own duct that is used to vent the warm moist air from inside the dryer to the outside. When this pipe is used for many, many drying cycles the dryer vent pipe can become clogged with lint to the point that it can no longer vent the air to the outside of the dwelling and it remains inside the dryer. This can cause the dryer to overheat and either burn out the heating element or catch fire. Both are serious but one can be deadly. HomeSafe dryer vent cleaning is a professional dryer vent cleaning company that specializes in only the dryer vent. What this means is that we will do it right every time.

Dryer Vent Cleaning in your Waxahachie home

Dryer vent cleaning is the act of removing foreign debris from the dryer duct to ensure the proper operation of the dryer and eliminating a major cause of dryer failure. With the proper tools and skills the dryer vent is cleaned from top to bottom and all waste removed the vent is discarded without the customer noticing any difference as if the dryer vent cleaning technicians were never there.

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If at anytime during the drying cycle there is noticeable drying time or the dryer heats but won't dry the clothes all of the way on the first cycle, then there could be a problem with the dryer duct having too much build up in the pipe. Schedule with HomeSafe Dryer Vent Cleaning to get our free dryer vent inspection before it becomes not only a drying issue but a dryer issue too.

Other Dryer Vent Services in Waxahachie

1. At HomeSafe Dryer Vent Cleaning our only focus is on the dryer vent and keeping it free from defects and debris.

2. Sometimes the dryer’s pipe might become disconnected or damaged in some way. This will keep the system from venting properly and might become an even bigger problem in the future. If this is an issue that is determined by our technicians we will suggest the best options for the customer to choose from if they want to do anything about it.

3. Another issue that we find dealing with the dryer vent is that a bird might decide to make a nest in the pipe. A swarm of bees could have built a nest in the pipe when it was not being used for a time. Squirrels or other small animals might also make a house from the security of the metal pipe.

4. HomeSafe Dryer Vent Cleaning is dedicated to removing any and all animals or pests from the pipe in a safe and humane way as possible.

5. Anything in the pipe can become a blockage and make the dryer work harder and take longer or even cause damage to it or catch fire if the blockage is too great.